Monday, 10 September 2012

Easy Headboard Construction

This weekend hubby and I made our first headboard. YAY!
We are slowly making the effort to transform our home to reflect our own personalities. As everyone knows you plan all these things and then never get round to them, you never have the time, and when you have the time you never the cash! LOL
So this was a quick and easy solution to give our sad looking little bedroom a little oomph and asthetic appeal. I am so proud of it, as a first attempt I didn't think it was too shabby :-)
The whole project cost us about R600. So waaaay cheaper than getting a cliche headboard from our home stores. Okay so ours isn't SUPER exciting looking but that is partially becasue Kevin thinks I have wacky out there style and he is more conservative so I stuck to something I knew he couldn't moan about.
What  we bought:
A sheet of shutterply wood (1220 X 2700) (R295.00 @ Lumber city)
Brackets and screws (R50 @ Lumber city)
Upholstery material and batting from the local material shop Waste Centre (R180)
High density foam (R400 a sheet 2700 x 2700)

We cut our board & foam to the size we wanted which was1220 high X 1700 wide. We glued foam to the shutterply with construction glue. It didn't hold but I wasn't bothered,  once the material was stapled into place that foam wouldn't be going anywhere!
I cut the batting about 10cm wider than the board and lay it over the foam and pulled it tight and stapled it in place on the back of the board.
We then cut our material and lined it up nicely on the board, taking care to ensure all the stripes were perfectly straight. This took alot of time was trying on my husbands lack of patience.
But eventually when we pulled the material nice and tight and stapled gunned it all around the back it turned out perfect. The corners were the difficult part, I think next week I'll do a tutorial on how to fold the corners in nicely. If you know what I mean when I say "Army Fold" then thats the  best way to do it.
We had enough foam and board to make a single bed heardboard for my little girls' room so I will load that one soon, hopefully this time with the step by step tutorial pics.
Anyways this is what the end product looks like.... let me know what you think.

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