Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shabby wooden signs

An easy peasy way to make a cute shabby wooden sign. They cost almost nothing and can be a sweet addition to any room. I made mine in literally 2 hours, and that's including the drying time for the paint!

All you need is:
  • Salvaged wood
  • Craft Paint or Acrylic Paint
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Marker Pen
  • Varnish
I found some salvaged wooden planks off old pallets at work. Seriously I love pallets! The possibilities to use them for all sorts of DIY are endless!

Anyway so I cut the pallet planks to size and lightly sanded them. You can distress your wood more by banging on it with a hammer if you want, but your letters might be a little bit more of a mission to transfer then.

I paint my boards white, I wanted that white washed look so I did it REALLY quickly and didn't care if the wood came through in most places... that's part of the appeal right? But hey you can paint it any colour you like.

I then printed my words using the INKJET printer onto normal paper, remember to mirror image them. Cut off the excess white paper so that you can fit it nicely to your plank.

Once your paint is nice and dry, place your printed word face down. Using water and paintbrush slightly wet your paper. Be careful not to wet it too much otherwise your words will smudge or the ink will run.

Using the back of a marker pen (or any pen really) scratch or rub over the letters to transfer the word.

My first word came out a bit smudged (because of too much water) but I learnt my lesson and the other two came out perfectly! You could use watered down craft wait to fill in the letters if you want, but I loved the way the letters actually looked like they were drawn onto the wood.

You can use a spray varnish or any other wood varnish you have to finish it off and seal it, just make sure that your words and wood are dry so that you don't smudge them. I like I like! Now to get some nice rope and drill the holes. Will add another pic when it's actually hanging :-)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Easy Headboard Construction

This weekend hubby and I made our first headboard. YAY!
We are slowly making the effort to transform our home to reflect our own personalities. As everyone knows you plan all these things and then never get round to them, you never have the time, and when you have the time you never the cash! LOL
So this was a quick and easy solution to give our sad looking little bedroom a little oomph and asthetic appeal. I am so proud of it, as a first attempt I didn't think it was too shabby :-)
The whole project cost us about R600. So waaaay cheaper than getting a cliche headboard from our home stores. Okay so ours isn't SUPER exciting looking but that is partially becasue Kevin thinks I have wacky out there style and he is more conservative so I stuck to something I knew he couldn't moan about.
What  we bought:
A sheet of shutterply wood (1220 X 2700) (R295.00 @ Lumber city)
Brackets and screws (R50 @ Lumber city)
Upholstery material and batting from the local material shop Waste Centre (R180)
High density foam (R400 a sheet 2700 x 2700)

We cut our board & foam to the size we wanted which was1220 high X 1700 wide. We glued foam to the shutterply with construction glue. It didn't hold but I wasn't bothered,  once the material was stapled into place that foam wouldn't be going anywhere!
I cut the batting about 10cm wider than the board and lay it over the foam and pulled it tight and stapled it in place on the back of the board.
We then cut our material and lined it up nicely on the board, taking care to ensure all the stripes were perfectly straight. This took alot of time was trying on my husbands lack of patience.
But eventually when we pulled the material nice and tight and stapled gunned it all around the back it turned out perfect. The corners were the difficult part, I think next week I'll do a tutorial on how to fold the corners in nicely. If you know what I mean when I say "Army Fold" then thats the  best way to do it.
We had enough foam and board to make a single bed heardboard for my little girls' room so I will load that one soon, hopefully this time with the step by step tutorial pics.
Anyways this is what the end product looks like.... let me know what you think.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Khloe's Canvas

I have always wanted to get some canvas's printed of my little nunu and then I came across this idea. It is waaay cheaper than having it printed at the print shop and although it doesn't come out as perfect, I like it. So, light on the pocket, easy and something pretty to hang on our picture wall, I HAD to try it.
All you need is:
- A Laser printed copy of your photo
- Canvas about the same size
- A podge like product called Pixture Perfect
- Paint brush

Make sure your canvas is clean and dry.
Paint the pixture perfect directly onto your picture, a nice thick layer coating the entire picture.

Then carefully pick up your picture and place it face down on the canvas, ( if your picture contains words, you are going to have to make a mirror image print or it will come out backwards) Make sure you don't get any air bubbles and that it is nice and straight. Really you need to be careful, I lifted and replaced my picture a few times to get it fitting right.
Smooth down your picture nicely and then leave it to dry for about 6 hours or over night.
I left mine overnight and came back to it the next evening, seeing as I still had to clean the kitchen, pack the nappy bag for day care and get myself off to bed before midnight! Sheesh being a mommy is hectic sometimes, but hey every mommy knows... totally worth it.

When your picture is completely dry, start in one corner with a little water, wet the picture and using your finger tips gently start rubbing away. The paper will start rubbing off leaving your picture printed to the canvas. This can take sometime and eventually your fingers will go numb, turn red and very nearly rub away themselves but it'll be worth it in the end. You might think you are done when you don't see any more paper that needs to be rubbed away but let the canvas dry a bit and come back to it later. You'll be able to notice the places that still need some rubbing a little easier then.
The more you rub the more distressed your picture will come out so if your fingers can stand it you can get a really distressed and aged look.

I love how mine came out and I think it deserves it's place on the wall :-)