Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Yo Ho let's go to Matty's 3rd Birthday Party

My daughters big cuz, the adorable and handsome little Matteo is turning 3 in two weeks. Can't believe how big and clever he has gotten. Such a cutie <3

I made this invitation for his mommy to invite all his matey's to his Pirate Party.
He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates so we stuck to that theme.

Happy Birthday Matty and Love you!

The roman blind quickie

Our guest bathroom was looking terribly bare, and was in desperate need of a window dressing. Really there was nothing there before, not even curtain rails, just holes in  the wall, so it is not even worth a before photo.
I saw several roman blind tutorials on the web, and they all looked pretty simple, so I just took general pointers from all of them for my version.
My favourite and by far the easiest one to follow is this one.

Please note that it literally took me 2 hours to do this, I measured very little and it really was a quickie job, so you will forgive the terrible photo's and the fact that I totally forgot to take picks of some of the stages at all!

So what you'll need is:
  • Material for the front panel
  • Lining for the back panel (could be block out if you want)
  • Wooden dowels (you could use plastic ones too)
  • Wood strips about 15mm thick and as long as u need
  • Velcro
  • Brass eye hooks
  • Cord and plastic toggle and plastic rings
Most fabric or sewing shops will sell the complete kits too.

I first measured the window and decided on the size I wanted so that blind would strech about 10cm on either side of the window. We already had holes drilled for a curtain rail so I worked around those holes and their measurements becasue I needed to hide them too. So instead of fitting inside the window like most roman blinds do, mine hangs more like a curtain than a fitted blind.

Once you've worked out the size you need, cut your fabric and liner to suit this and allow about 1.5cm for seams. I sewed the seams in and then I pinned the fabric and liner WRONG sides together just to make sure they would fit nicely and that I wasn't off on the sizes. (Really I never take the time to measure things properly and usually just wing it )

I then divided my blind into horozontal sections about 30cm wide. You can really make them as wide as you want it's all up to you. I then marked out the spaces where my dowels would slide in, about a 3cm wide on the line drawn where I divided the horizontal sections and sewed along the lines creating a nice slot for each dowel.

(FYI at this point I got so excited about getting it finished, I forgot to take pictures!)

I then sewed Front panel and lining together (wrong sides together) taking care not to sew closed the slots where the dowels would slide in. (I tacked them closed when I was completely done with the blind)

After that I cut 2 sections of 15mm wooden strip slightly (about 1 cm each side) shorter than my blind. I glued one side of a strip of velcro to the wooden strip and then glued the other side of the velcro in the same way to the other wooden strip.

I folded the top of the fabric from my blind to just over the one wooden strip and staple gunned the blind to that wooden strip just above the velcro strip at the back.

By hand I sewed on the plastic rings the back of the blind equal lengths from the sides on the horizontal lines where the dowels would slide in.

I then turned in the brass eyes and threaded the blind using the same tutorial as I mentioned earlier and tied my toggles to the end of my cord.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Alice's Madhatters picnic party

This week I made an invitation for a special little lady's 1st birthday. Her mommy wanted a picnic in the park party but because the little cuties name is Alice, a madhatters / Alice in wonderland theme seemed appropriate. So they asked me to make an invite and some party printables... yay!
This is what I came up with ... yeah it is still rookie stuff, but she loved it :-)
Got the great clipart from the Woofy world studio on Etsy... you can find a link to the store here .
This invitation and printables can be yours too, drop me an email if you are interested. laneydb@gmail.com

Monday, 11 March 2013

5th Birthday - Circus Fun

A friend of mine's son turned 5 recently and he had a circus theme party at his school. She bakes the most AMAZING cupcakes and she really went all out and made adorable circus party packs, which included a large red and white popcorn box filled with all sorts of goodies.
She asked me to make an invitation for her and wanted a ticket that also had a photo of him on it.

If you have an invitation request. Please drop me a comment below or an email at laneydb@gmail.com

Monday, 18 February 2013

Quickie Kiddies room project - Khloe' 1

Seeing as I am on a roll with posts today, I thought I would just add this as well. A quick pic of the canvas's I made for my little girls room. They were made AGES ago, but I eventually put them up in her room again since we moved house. Let me know what you think ....
Just a bit of paint, canvas, buttons, scrapbooking paper and an idea :-)

More baby stationery

After hosting my sussie's baby shower I was asked to make stationery for a friend who was hosting a shower for her sister :-)
This is what I made ... again in Afrikaans.
If you want me to do something for you, drop me a comment or email ;-)


my wishes for baby card

It is showering babies!

So the last month has been filled with all things baby ...
Apart from being pregnant myself (21 weeks - Woo hoo Halfway there!) people all around me seem to be preggers! This in turn means tons of baby showers...
My Sister in Law's baby shower was about 3 weeks ago.
I had loads of fun planning and co-ordinating it :-)
Pleased to say she seemed stoked with the way it turned out.
Thought I'd share some of my idea's and projects surrounding it, forgive me if you don't understand it. It was all done in afrikaans.
The venue was a quaint and cute tea garden at the AGS Chruch in Richards Bay. The Lily Rose Tea garden is filled with vintage finds and homemade goodies for sale, they sell the most scrumptious cakes and the setting was just perfect.
We were a group of 12 ladies and I kept everyone busy with onesie (baby grow) decorating instead of playing games, and we all filled in a wishes for baby card which Niki will be able to add to her baby album. Each lady took home a re-purposed purity jar filled with smarties.
The invitation I did for the shower.
My little girl and I enjoying the yummy delights!

My wishes for baby card
My gorgeous sussie! Love love love love x

The onesies that were made, some good ... some ... well lets just say original LOL